Emergency Response Service

ERS is provided through our Lunenburg County office out to an approximate travel time radius of 30 minutes from our base. ERS can include all or part of the following:

  • Routine property check patrols of vacant premises at whatever interval is required by your insurer.
  • Emergency patrols in response to alarm activations in concert with emergency services.

ERS is established with the execution of our standard ERS Agreement which sets out the degree of service required. In addition to defining the service and its associated fees, the Agreement includes such information as who you normally retain for:

  • Heating fuel (if applicable);
  • Heating system repairs;
  • Electrical repairs;
  • Structural repairs; and
  • Plumbing repairs,

so we can act effectively on problems that may occur in your absence.

Property owners with an interest in ERS are asked to get in contact with us for a quotation.


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