Courses and Seminars

Whynacht Security Solutions offers a growing list of courses and seminars, all based on one overriding philosophy - Knowledge is Power.

The military axiom of, “As ye train, so shall ye fight,” applies whether the “enemy” is a life threatening adversary, a wilderness emergency, or a burst water pipe in a snow storm in February that promises to significantly damage your property if not promptly dealt with. Problems requiring immediate action to ensure a desirable outcome are never solved by simply accepting one’s vulnerability and resigning to the hope that it will happen to somebody else. Neither does the adoption of the “911 mindset” in the expectation that the immediate solution to any emergency is just a phone call away represent a reliably effective alternative.

Events, here and abroad, highlight one vital fact: THE STABILITY OF LIFE IS NOT GUARANTEED!

Whatever the endeavour – be it work, travel, recreation, or just daily living – problem solving skills are essential to confidently and unflinchingly meet the vagaries of life. Our ancestors understood that, often with little or no warning, the community, the family, or sometimes the one, could be called upon to overcome the unimaginable. We now live in an age where instant access to information, assistance, and, in the gravest extreme, salvation is not only anticipated, but expected.

Our training approach recognizes the need; even the responsibility; for each individual to step out of the “911 mindset” and, to the best of his or her ability, undertake to obtain education in the practical skills necessary to SELF RELIANCE. To build a mental tool kit of competence that, as long as we breathe, will always be at hand against the day when help is not just a phone call away, and flight is not an option.


Those interested in any of the programmes listed here are asked to get in contact with us for further details.




Governments and corporations practice emergency planning to prevent emergencies from turning into disaster. Students of this course learn how to bring professional level emergency management planning and response techniques to bear in their own lives and homes employing principles of threat assessment, elements of the Incident Command System (ICS), and other tools to maximize their personal resources in managing the things that can and do go terribly wrong. Fire, intruders, weather, fuel leaks, plumbing gone bad, electrical hazards. Helping emergency responders help you. The strengths and weaknesses of the Nova Scotian 911 system. They’re all here and more.

Students will leave this course with a well crafted and personally tailored emergency preparedness plan and the skills to keep it updated. While useful for anyone, this course is of particular interest to young families and the recently widowed.




No member of any fire service can operate very long without responding to an automatically generated alarm; in short, a fire alarm is going off. This seminar runs approximately two and a half to three hours and is specifically designed to provide members of the Fire Service with a basic comprehension of fire alarm systems as they may relate to their own area of operations. Seminars are tailored to specific departments in order to reflect actual examples from within their own operational area.

Seminars have historically been conducted in a Department’s normally scheduled training interval, which for most volunteer Departments, is an evening. This programme is administered as a PUBLIC SERVICE so actual cost of the preparation and training time is ZERO. Depending on the geographic location of your Department, we may ask that our travel, lodging, and meals be covered.

Training Officers of interested Departments are invited to call or write for a copy of the basic syllabus, and a quotation of any costs that may apply.


The disposition of noble dogs is to be gentle with people they know and the opposite with those they don’t know.” -- Plato

Your Paramedic Unit has arrived at the scene of a 911 call – an elderly male with chest pain. The door is locked so you have to force entry. The patient lives alone – except for someone nobody mentioned. Butch; a normally sweet and lovable but now frightened and suspicious Rottweiler who centuries of canine evolution has equipped to feel duty bound to stand between his obviously distressed master and a bunch of rude, unknown intruders of questionable intent.

Butch doesn’t know your motives, nor that his defense may cost his master his life, and you don’t have time to make friends with him before getting to work. The patient is incapacitated but conscious and alert and is registering everything that happens.

What to do? We’ll teach your crew. This programme is limited to members of approved first response agencies. Call or write for a copy of the basic syllabus and a quotation of course cost. Please provide the number of interested members in your organization and desired training venue.


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