Security Systems

A security system should be seen as a layer in your approach to overall security and safety planning. For those who need one, a properly designed, professionally installed, and correctly maintained security system is an effective tool in your arsenal, and a legitimately powerful ally. Just like shoes, one size, model or style definitely does not fit all, and there is no out of the box solution that will address every client's need and situation.

At Whynacht Security Solutions, we take a tailored approach to systems design and application that works whether the premises is a single family dwelling or a sprawling factory. Our recommendations are based on a realistic appraisal of the client’s needs and anticipated usage style, both now and in the future. How does the protected premises figure in the emergency response approach that exists in its community? What other measures either are or should be implemented either in concert with or sometimes even in place of an electronic security system? The client comes out with a solution that fits.

When we are monitoring an alarm system, every signal that comes out of it carries our reputation on its back. False alarms place unnecessary stress on already overloaded emergency response agencies. The systems that create them, instead of being part of the solution, become part of the problem. That’s why we take false alarms without a shred of humour. Every one of our monitored security systems is subjected to a preventive maintenance inspection at no charge to the client every year. We want to be sure that your system is operating at peak performance 12 months of the year, and we deal with it so you don’t have to.

Have a system installed by someone else that needs servicing? We service all makes and models. Lost the manual to your 20 year old system? We have one of the most complete libraries of antique user manuals in the industry.

It all begins with you getting in contact with us. A consultation and quotation costs nothing, and there is no obligation. Our quotations represent a firm price, not an estimate. What we say is what you pay.

Online Access for Monitored Sytems:

Whynacht Security Solutions now offers FREE access to traffic history, and FREE text messaging of notifications such as alarms, arming/disarming, and system troubles, for all of our monitored customers. Contact Randy or Diana to discuss your options today!

Animal Immune Systems:

Responsible pet owners treasure their animals as family members. Crime statistics show that, while a residence with even one dog in it is less likely to be burglarized, they also show a disturbing trend toward animals being injured, traumatized, killed or even stolen by perpetrators without a shred of compassion.

When we design a residential security package, we design it for the comfort of all members of your family, however many legs they may have. Animal immune systems recognize the physiological and structural differences between animals and people ignoring your 100 pound golden retriever while alerting to the 80 pound delinquent who just climbed through the living room window.

Whynacht Security Solutions was the first security company in Atlantic Canada to take full advantage of animal immune detection technology, and we have maintained our leadership in this vital field. AI can be implemented in new installations or retrofitted to existing systems. Get in contact with us for a consultation.


Temperature, humidity, leakage, pressure, power failure. Any one or combination thereof; if it has to be kept within set parameters, we can help.

We supply and monitor systems that ensure the safety of live vaccines, valuable collections, and the food you eat. We make sure your pipes don’t freeze. We keep an eye on Murphy so you don’t have to.

Life Safety:

We offer solutions for life-safety issues in applications from the home to heavy industry. Our services in this area include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Manually actuated emergency signaling and; lack of movement sensors for industrial personnel working alone or in hazardous environments.
  • Detection of smoke, carbon monoxide, propane/natural gas leak.

We design, install, monitor, and service systems to preserve the most precious thing there is. If you have a need in this area, get in contact with us for a consultation.

Fire Alarms:

Whynacht Security Solutions has been designing, installing, inspecting, certifying, and maintaining fire alarm systems of all sizes since 1983. We service all makes and models.


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