Many of the services we provide have to be quoted on a case by case basis, but we do have certain fees that have been standardized for years, if not decades.

Emergency Signalling and Response (EMSAR) service:
This is our standard set of fees applicable to emergency signaling service for senior citizens or people with potentially incapacitating medical conditions. For details, refer to "How much does EMSAR cost?" on our FAQ page.

Alarm Monitoring Service:
We provide ULC listed alarm monitoring service on several levels:

NOTE: The prices quoted below have been standard since 1985, and underwent a slight decrease in 2004. While they apply to the majority of applications, Whynacht Security Solutions reserves the right as the final arbiter in determining whether any standard fee will apply to any given situation. Prices quoted here assume that detection systems being monitored are either pre-existing or will be installed at the time monitoring service is established. These are EXACT amounts billed for monitoring service and automatically included services ONLY. All prices are in CANADIAN dollars.

Annual special purpose service applies when the client has only one parameter that needs monitoring. The most common example of this is a seasonally vacant residence that must be monitored against heating system failure during the cold months.
$170.00 plus tax per year.

Annual general purpose service applies to the majority of the systems we monitor including residential and commercial security systems and fire alarm systems. This rate normally also applies where multiple protective systems exist on one site.

$250.00 plus tax per year.

Annual seasonal service is the annual general purpose rate tailored to those clients who only require monitoring service during a portion of the year when their property will be unoccupied or otherwise unattended. Instead of providing 12 months of coverage, this version provides up to a maximum 6 months accumulated coverage in any 12 month period that need not be used consecutively.

$170.00 plus tax per year.

In the event that the client unexpectedly requires coverage beyond the 6 month maximum, the monthly rate can be applied to every month or part thereof that service is required or an upgrade can be made to the annual general purpose rate.

Monthly service is rarely applied, but we established a rate for those times when it’s needed.

$30.00 plus tax per month.
This covers service for each month or part thereof.

When we are monitoring an alarm system, every signal it transmits carries our reputation with it. To protect ourselves, our clients, and the community at large from false alarms, all our monitored systems are subjected to regular preventative maintenance inspections at no cost. In most cases, this covers everything on the premises that is connected to the monitoring system. Where the monitored equipment is a fire alarm or sprinkler system that falls under government or insurance regulations requiring specialized or lengthy inspection and testing procedures, we will either provide this service for a fee (evaluated on a case by case basis), or simply ask that we be provided with a report following annual inspections by your inspecting contractor.

With improvements in technology, much of the diagnostic process involved with preventative maintenance that used to require a site visit can now be done by one of our technicians from our office through a remote computer connection to your system. This now permits the running of diagnostics to a degree formerly impossible even with a site visit, and facilitates logging on to check system parameters quickly and efficiently in routine spot checks or following any event that resulted in a signal being transmitted to our monitoring station.

Refund Policy:
Annual service fees are billed annually at the start of each service period and represent a significant savings over paying on a monthly plan. Annual service is a 12 month obligation on all parties so there is no refund for mid-term cancellation.

Monthly service fees are due at the start of every calendar month in which service is provided, and represent a month long obligation for all parties. In the event of cancellation, the client is only obligated to pay for the last calendar month or part thereof in which monitoring service was provided.


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