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Born and based in Nova Scotia, Whynacht Security Solutions has been applying its unique, effective, and proven philosophy to the providing of protection, safety, and related education for thousands of private, business, government, and institutional clients -- domestic and international -- since 1983.

From security and video surveillance systems, fire protection, life safety, and loss prevention solutions to consults and seminars teaching the mindset and skills of self-reliance required for empowerment, confidence, and peace of mind in an uncertain world, we are the proven choice.

However you came to be reading these words today, everyone who does shares a motivation in common with the rest – something to lose and the intention not to let that happen. Whatever your interests or area of endeavour, if you plan to be in it for the long haul you’ll need more than a winning smile, a firm handshake, and bold intentions to carve out your niche and assert sovereignty over it in the face of those who would covet and contest it by means nefarious and vile. This in addition to the unfortunate outcomes that inevitably arise from charges laid under Murphy’s Law when vulnerabilities to it go unrecognized and uncorrected.

Whether your needs are very basic and personal or sophisticated with a myriad of moving parts, we invite you to peruse our bill of fare, or get in touch with us straight away if you have an immediate problem you would like us to help you solve.

We’re good for what ails you, and it costs nothing to talk. Your initial consult begins here.


Paul Neal (Red) Adair (1915-2004) was a pioneer and long term practitioner in the hazardous field of extinguishing oil well blowouts on land and sea. He was known for his rough and ready wisdom, one specimen of which has always characterized our perspective on our own industry:

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Hanging out a sign and putting a price on your services doesn’t qualify anyone as “professional”. The commercial and residential security and surveillance systems industry is plagued with smooth operators who feed on public insecurity and make their living from volume sales of either “packaged” security systems or a very basic and generic, off the shelf approach to filling a client’s “need” even before the client knows what that is. Worse, many of these “firms” are actually hobbyists who have a different full time job and treat your security as a part time money maker.

Meanwhile, the market is awash with do-it-yourself ill conceived mass market security products built on proprietary subscription services that leave sensitive and highly personal information and imagery in the hands of third or fourth parties that most likely will not be located in Canada, and therefore are not subject to the privacy and consumer protection laws you might think apply to the relationship. And because so many crave the illusion of security over the reality, ’twill ever be thus.

Yet our phone and email logs and the odometers of our vehicles speak otherwise -- As it turns out, not everyone just wants the illusion.

We believe that the greatest asset any business has is the clients it already serves. In a world bent on unbridled growth, too many services, of all types, are supplied through sweet introductory offers designed to look and sound competitive to get the prospect in the door. So later, when the service doesn’t match the promises, or problems crop up leading to calls for repair, support comes up short if it can be had at all, and problems linger. When an uncorrected problem holds the potential of wasting public resources by needlessly bringing emergency responders to your door, the client gets left with a bag to hold, and it isn’t hard to guess what’s in it. Like any business, Whynacht Security Solutions is interested in growth, as any vibrant enterprise must be, but never at the expense of leaving those who have already placed their trust in us waiting while we chase new business.

Lastly, let’s talk attention to detail. Whynacht Security Solutions supplies, supports, and oversees the well being of hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in assets. Our mindset and measures leave no room for negligence in the spirit that there is no blunder so big that it can’t be settled out of court.

People don’t call us to hear, “I don’t know,” and we need to be right, every time.

As Red Adair also said, “With bombs and fires, you get only one mistake.”

Whynacht Security Solutions is a family owned and operated company under the exclusive leadership of Randy and Diana Whynacht.
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About Randy

A native of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, educated at Dalhousie University, the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College, and a variety of training venues too numerous to mention, Randy L. Whynacht has been a professional security consultant since 1981, a survival/self-reliance instructor since 1983, and has been training and rehabilitating dogs since 1994.

He established...


About Diana

A native of Wrocław, Poland, Diana grew up in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Exceptionally talented, thorough, and tenacious, she joined Whynacht Security Solutions in 2003 as our consultant in surveillance technology and IT security.

Her areas of expertise include, but are most certainly not limited to, forensic data collection, video imagery analysis and enhancement, remote data acquisition and distribution, access control...



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