General FAQs

  1. How much does a security system cost?
    We get this one all the time, usually from people who either want a budget figure for planning the expenditure or simply want to know if they should even consider it. Not to belittle the sincerity of the question, but this is about as useful as going to a car lot and asking the dealer, "How much does a car cost?" There are simply too many variables to give a perfectly accurate answer until we have properly surveyed your situation. Under ideal conditions, we prefer to arrange to meet the prospective client at his/her/their premises to evaluate the realities and provide an accurate price. We can give you a price range based on a telephone interview, and this requires answers to specific questions. We’re not trying to be cagey, just accurate.

  2. You provide "ULC listed" alarm monitoring service. What is the significance of "ULC"?
    ULC stands for Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada which is a professional rating body that publishes standards defining the construction, installation, and maintenance of products and services integrally involved in the loss prevention, life safety, and security industries in Canada. ULC has set down standards pertaining to alarm monitoring services covering everything from standard operating guidelines for signal handling to standby power systems, telephone line backup, and the physical structural security of the building housing the alarm monitoring centre itself. All of these measures are in place to make sure that our monitoring station is there for our clients when they need it. With respect to liability and property insurance rates, ULC listing is fast becoming an absolute must for the application of insurance premium discounts based on the presence of security, fire alarm, and other protective systems.

  3. What is the significance of the "Survival" in "Whynacht Security Solutions"?
    "Survival" originally referred to our involvement in providing training programmes in wilderness skills. As the years have passed, this area has expanded to include a broader scope of courses and seminars as well as consulting in other areas of self-reliance. Check out Consulting and Courses and Seminars on our SERVICES page.

  4. Do you rent video surveillance systems?
    No. We design them, we write specifications for them, we install them, and obviously sell them, but we don’t rent them.

  5. Do you provide security guards?
    No. While our members are usually uniformed when on the job and this has led to occasional misconceptions, we do not now, nor have we ever, offered guard service. We do, however, perform surveillance and evidence collection operations if the mission requires it, as well as property check and Emergency Response Service (ERS) for clients with monitored alarm systems who need someone to respond with the key in the event of an alarm.


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